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The Art of Bookbinding Index by Joseph W. Zaehnsdorf
3rd Edition Published in London 1897
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Introduction / History
Chapter XII & XIII
Backing - Mill Boards - Mill Board
Chapter XXIII
Hand Finishing - Tooling - Fillet -
Polishing Iron - Pallet - Type-holder -
Finishing Press and Stove -

Chapter I & II
Folding - Refolding - Gathering - Beating
and Rolling
Chapter XIV & XV
Drawing In - Pressing - Cutting Press
Chapter XXIII Part II
Tooling the Spine

Chapter III
Collating - Book Plates - Maps -
Chapter XVI
Coloring Edges - Sprinkling - Egg,
Spot, Comb or Nonpareil, Spanish
Marble - Sizing
Chapter XXIII Part III
Full Gilt Back - Run Up

Chapter IV & V
Marking Up - Sewing In - Sewing Flexible
Work - Sewing Bands - Ordinary Sewing
- Wire Book binding
Chapter XVII & XVIII
Gilt Edges - Gilt on Red - Tooled
Edges - Painted Edges - Head
Chapter XIV
Washing and Cleaning Books -
Insects - Reading Burned Parchment

Chapter VI, VII, VIII
End, Cobb, Surface, Marbled, Printed
and other Fancy Papers - Pasting Up -
Putting on the End Papers
Chapter XIX & XX
Preparing for Covering - Flexible
Work - Pairing - Band Nipping - Calf
- Russia - Vellum - Roan - Cloth -
Velvet - Silk - Satin - Half-bound
Chapter IX, X, XI
Trimming - Gluing Up - Rounding
Chapter XXI & XXII
Pasting Down - Cloth Joints - Calf,
Russia, etc. - Calf Coloring Black,
Brown, Yellow, Sp
Tree-marbles, Dabs,
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