Papermaking The Story of
an account of paper-making from its earliest
known record down to the present time by
J.W. Butler Paper Company 1901
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The Art of Bookbinding
Book by Joseph
Zaehnsdorf printed in
London 1897

Bookbinding and the Care
of Books
Book by Noel Rooke
printed in New York 1902

Bookbinding for Beginners
Book by Florence O.
Bean printed Boston 1914

The Binding of Books
An essay in the history of
gold-tooled bindings by
Herbert P. Horne
The Printed Book
by Harry G. Aldis, M.A.
Articles Supplanted by Paper
Papyrus and Parchment
Origin and Early History of Paper
Early Methods of Paper Making
Modern Paper Making
Water-Marks and Varieties of Paper
The Paper Business in the United States
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